Standard Identification, Positioning and Sensor System


The SIOS system provides information for the automation of business processes by dint of innovative RFID and wireless sensor technology. The SIOS-system offers the possibility to identify and localise people, objects and vehicles. Moreover different status information can be evaluated on site in the relation of time as well as central information systems can be forwarded via WLAN or UMTS. For this purpose, a standardised technology for management and analysis of information will be developed.

Only the module for data recording should be selected according to the respective task. An on-site unit serves on the one hand to collecting information (for example ID card reader) and on the other hand to releasing of activities (e.g. release of vehicles).

Hence, the user becomes many opportunities to implicate and manage the logistics processes in the entire process of the company in a clear and prompt way. All stationary and mobile units are central managed, monitored and parameterised.

Fig. SIOS-Unit